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Fluorite Chunk - Dark Teal with Banding

Fluorite Chunk - Dark Teal with Banding

Exceptional quality chunk of fluorite that has very nice, cubic crystal faces with dark teal, saturated color with some banding. Very clean and pure specimen. This fluorite is hand-mined from a geologist friend of mine in New Mexico. Looks gorgeous with a light underneath it, great for a display cabinet with lights and almost looks like kryptonite. It's beautiful without the light too, but don't leave it in the sun because sunlight will cause the color to fade over time. Some varities are UV reactive, but I have not tested this specimen.


Fluorite is a favorite mineral of mine, as it can often be referred to as the most colorful mineral. It has a hardness of 4, cubic crystal structure and octahedral cleavage (perfect 4-plane cleavage). Fluorite is used as a source for making high-octane fuels, glass, ceramics, is used for smelting some metals, and is beautiful in ornamental stones and lapidary. 

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